Howie visits Japan – Introduction and contents.


Some of you have commented to me that you found my idea of heading to Japan on my own for just over a week, with only a month’s notice, just to get away from HMS Brexit, to be slightly on the crazier side of things (even by my standards). But as promised in my blog revival post which I made earlier in the week, I thought I’d go through the step by step process of my planning (or lack of), and offer any hints and tips to anyone who wanted to head to Japan, but found it too daunting.

I want to add before I start bombarding you with my ramblings that I am writing this as someone who lives in the United Kingdom, and some of this series may be quite Anglocentric, but I will try and write this so that it is relevant to everyone who may be planning on a trip to Japan.


  1. Initial planning: travel arrangements.
  2. Initial planning: accommodation.
  3. Things to note pre-departure.
  4. Arriving in Japan.