Howie’s photo session with cosplayer Zelvyne

Just before Christmas, I was lucky enough to have been able to get away from London to see my friend Amy, aka cosplayer and cosplay maker Zelvyne (check out her stuff, because her costumes are AMAZING!), down in the West Country. Being in the grimy wet weather of the West Country, I couldn’t resist asking Amy to help find a suitable location in the hills for a wet, grimy, and muddy location shoot with her upgraded Lara Croft cosplay.

We did shoots on two days: day one was grimy, wet, rainy, and cold; day two was sunny, a little drier, and cold. Sorry, Amy, for making you freeze out there in the hills!

I played with some action shots too but wasn’t sure which I liked most, so I threw all of them together and ended up with three short animations. If I had to choose, I would go with the second one, with the slight kicking away of leaves.

I have to say I am loving shooting on locations away from cons. It gives the whole scene a rather authentic feel about it, rather than having an obviously con background. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have pictures from a con and all, but I think I prefer the idea of a good background to really add the environment for the photos. Plus, it’s a good excuse to travel around.

Massive thank you to Amy for humouring me, being my guinea pig, and entertaining me during my trip to the West Country!!!

Howie’s photo session with cosplayer Costumed Hero (part 2)

It’s been a hectic post-con fortnight unfortunately, but having gone through some more photos which I shot at October’s London MCM, I managed to find some more nice shots of cosplayer Costumed Hero, with her partner, Courtney. It was very handy that they were both quite laid back and not serious at all, which made for quite a playful few photos.

Howie’s photo session with cosplayer HiddenRozel

I ended up doing a totally unprepared and impromptu shoot with Fern, aka cosplayer HiddenRozel, on the day 2 of October 2016 MCM London. Fern was happy and bouncy, whilst I was wondering what the hell was going on, or who the hell was she meant to be (although I will add this was not due to the fact her costume was not recognisable – I just had not seen the anime from which she was cosplaying)! I later found out she was cosplaying Suigintou from Rozen Maiden.

With nothing to go on but the big sword which Fern had as a prop, there was only one thing I could think of doing. I did some research as to what this Suigintou was all about, and man is she a dark character! So… sword  play and ominous it’ll be!

Howie’s photo session with cosplayer Costumed Hero

Another of my shoots this year was with Harriet, aka cosplayer Costumed Hero, sporting her Mad Hatter cosplay. Harriet and her cosplays have been featured in NEO Magazine before, so am really happy that I got a chance to have Harriet as a guinea pig for doing shoots. We even managed to drag a White Rabbit cosplayer into our shoot!

I wasn’t too sure where I was going to go with the Mad Hatter set of photos, but finally decided to go for a bit of high contrast high key editing to give it that surreal and dreamy look.

Howie’s photo session with cosplayer Yel Zamor

My attempts at doing photos this year brought me to a cosplayer called Yel Zamor, aka cosplayer Cos Moustache, cosplaying as a post-apocalyptic version of DC’s Captain Cold. To be honest, I was quite nervous when doing this shoot because this was a character about whom I knew very little, and my pre-con research only brought up very limited ideas in terms of putting something together for a shoot. Lucky Yel was more than happy to help me out with more information about the characters and more ideas though, and I managed to get some quite amazing photos back from the Captain Cold shoot with Yel. I gave Yel’s series of photos a post-apocalyptic dusty look. Oh and as a bonus, I’m giving Yel’s series a little animation as an apology for making Yel run about like a crazy person multiple times!

“Yel, can you run along the wall… again.”

Howie’s photo session with cosplayer Little Miss Metamorph

I met up with Kristen, aka cosplayer Little Miss Metamorph, today for a shoot of her Darth Vanitas Sith cosplay. This year is the first time I’ve done any proper shoots from behind the lens, so I need to thank Kristen for being such a wonderful cosplayer to work with, and for being one of my guinea pigs this year. Oh, and sorry for the wait when I got lost trying to find the exact place within the ExCeL car park!